Single-sided machine - OP 400 PBN

The OP 400 PBN was developed to provide industrial type solutions, with modern, stable and repetitive processes for a number of precision polishing problems.
It consists of a highly versatile machine, that can be put into operation quickly and is simple and economical to use.

It is perfectly suited to the small and medium scale production of work-pieces and can cover 1 or more cleats (generally 3) depending on the diameters of current standards (example 1 cleat Ø 70 to 110m) or 3 cleats Ø 50 to 65mm.

The quality obtained (polishing, blocked or blocked black polishing, angling, rounded edges) is dependent on the process, i.e. on the choice of the polishing head (thickness, durability...), on the type of polishing solution (material, grading, concentration, additives) and the machine settings.

Kinematic principles and adjustments have been developed and refined based on traditional high precision polishing techniques for opticals, design details have been perfected and we are particularly familiar with the potential benefits.

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