Double-sided machine - MDF 650

Double-sided machine - MDF 650

The MDF 650 has been designed to produce high precision plane and parallel surfaces on small and medium sized components.

Its reliability, precision and ease of use make it equally suitable for both research and development in the laboratory and mass production.

Advanced technology is used to manage the force exerted on the work-pieces and to operate the cooled plates, which gives this equipment exceptional advantages in terms of stability and the ability to repeat operations.


The parts are positioned in circular carrier holders, (5 carriers of net Ø 215 mm or 4 carriers of net Ø 240 mm) where plates can be cut to order.
The components are driven in a planetary movement between two plates by the rotation of the carriers between a central rotary inner gear and a fixed outer gear.

The kinematics of the parts creates plane and parallel sides between them, or a side that is parallel to the opposite side in an assembly, installation or support.
The stock removal on each of the work-piece sides can be managed according to the rotation speeds of the plates and the carriers.
The condition of the work-piece surfaces is controlled by the quality of the film of the abrasive solution which is determined by the distribution of the abrasive, the pressure and the relative speeds of the different movements, as well as the type of polishing head and the material being polished on the plates.

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