Established in Paris in 1901, SOMOS International built its reputation by designing and producing polishing machines for precision opticals.
Having mastered glass polishing processes, SOMOS International developed its expertise in other materials such as metals, carbides, electro ceramics, crystals…

This development was accompanied by the creation of double-sided machines.

Regardless of whether it is micro-production (3 work-pieces) or mass production, our expertise and our equipment ensure that the geometrical features of evenness and parallelism between the sides is maintained and can be reproduced, and that the condition of the surface is in line with your requirements.

All our equipment is designed to handle everything from grinding to super polishing, using loose abrasives.



What are the advantages?

  • Optimal cutting conditions throughout the entire operation
  • Quasi-constant rate of stock removal
  • Easy to maintain
  • Clearance of micro shavings/swarf

Nowadays, SOMOS International is involved in the following areas: "Haute Horlogerie", medical, electronics, precision opticals, automotive...

Our entire team is at your disposal to help you in your projects, whether your requirement is to help select appropriate equipment or to receive a "turnkey" process.


  • Process development
  • Testing
  • Process support
  • Delivery / installation / commissioning of equipment
  • Training
  • After-sales service
  • Maintenance
  • Retrofitting of existing equipment
  • Reconditioning of carriers and pellet plates
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